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About Us

The Always Climbing Project provides resources and inspiration to help inspire people as they grow through new phases in life. We aim to link generations, which is something that we have personally seen as a need for the community. Many people from separate generations are struggling with respect, understanding, and compassion for each other. That said, we are here to help develop the mental fortitude of the youth and beyond, by supporting their personal and professional goals. We are also here to create spaces where adults can shift their mindsets towards further achievement, and elders can revisit their youth. Our method of achieving this is by placing through mentorship, panel speaking, leadership development, community events, and education on how to become productive role models in the community. We are passionate about spreading this meaningful project to as many as we can, and hope that through this committed work, we can connect people of all ages and backgrounds to a common goal; to Keep Climbing towards a closer community and success. 

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Our Story

The Always Climbing Project was formed by a group of High School students who wanted to be a positive role model for their peers and community. As we have grown older, we now have the proper resources to not only impact our peers and hometown community, but we also wanted to give back to the youth. Many of us have been committed to the Always Climbing Project since graduating High School in 2015. Years have now passed and many of us are working in the careers of our dreams, pursuing (or already obtained) Masters Level degrees, or even Ph.D. level degrees. We did not get here without learning lessons and taking some losses along the way. We now want to share the information and tips we have gained (and used) to get ourselves to this position. We understand how challenging it can be to succeed on your own. It took generations before us to guide us, and it will take generations below us to make the change we see a need for. It takes support, determination, and consistency from all generations.

"It takes a village"

We are here to help. 

Meet The Team

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