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Future Climbers Program

The Future Climbers Program is aimed towards Leadership Development for our High School students by preparing them for their College/Career plans while teaching important life lessons & skills on many topics. (i.e. Financial Literacy, Communication Skills, Teamwork, Partnership, Finding your purpose, etc.)

We currently work with Firestone High School students, and plan to expand to more schools within the Akron/Summit County area in the future. While helping build up the community with the help of AC staff, students will learn how to organize and and inspire others, to best prepare them for their successful futures. 

Upon completion of the program, students who complete our Future Climbers Program can earn College & Career Readiness stipends to give them a great head start to their goals and aspirations.

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Leadership Development

We always hear the question "Is leadership a skill?" We believe that it is and that it can be developed with practice, commitment, and understanding. We wish to put our future climbers through a wide range of curriculum and training to teach them the true meaning of a leadership as well as how to properly follow others.

Community Service Projects

The AC team is passionate about giving back, and building up communities through a wide range of community service projects. We like to include our students in these projects, so they gain an understanding of helping others and also earn volunteer hours for their future. We also support and assist our student climbers in one project that they create as a team. 


OhioMeansJobs Career Readiness Seal
Financial Literacy

In Ohio, High School Seniors are required to have at least two Graduation Seals before graduating (See pg. 2 of pdf). We offer the ability for each future climber to earn their OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (Statewide) through our program, while also granting them the chance to earn their Community Service Seal (Local). This would give each future climber a chance to make a true difference in their community while also working towards their College/Career goals. Additionally, we will make sure our scholars are well informed about financial literacy, including credit, invesments, savings, and more. 

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Drug & Violence Prevention

The AC Project recognizes that our youth fall victim to drug use and violence entirely too often. We have partnered with Ryan Hall to bring a Drug & Violence Prevention program to our students which strives to provide each of them with the knowledge and comprehension of alternate ways to handle mental health struggles/conflict. 

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Graduation Ceremony

College & Career Interview/Application Prep

It is very important for graduating seniors to be prepared for the Application & Interview process whether it is for a job, program, or for college. We use our expertise to train our future climbers by providing workshops, mock interviews, and demonstrations to them. We also provide vouchers for business attire for all appropriate environments, and teach the future climbers how to dress for them. (i.e. how to tie a tie, how to coordinate dresses with shoes, etc.)

Peer Mentoring

Once the AC team feels the Future Climbers are ready (expert or proficient) and have passed our evaluation, they are able to work hand in hand with their neighboring Elementary & Middle Schools to provide advice, mentoring, and useful tips for success in the younger student's lives. This will help develop speaking and communication skills, confidence, and articulation. The goal is for those younger generations to aspire to be a future climber when they are old enough, and for them to then return the favor to the younger students of their time. 


College/Career Stipend

Upon completion of the Future Climbers program, our graduating seniors will receive a certificate of completion, their respective graduation seals, and finally a college scholarship or career stipend. This will be given directly to up to at least 4 senior members, to help give them a head start to their future goals and dreams. 

Scholarship/Stipend Info

The Always Climbing (AC) Project is a project that originated at Firestone High School in Akron, OH. The leaders of this project started this journey in 2011 as Freshmen. During our time at Firestone, we developed relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime and decided to make a difference in the world just as we did during their time in school. We developed this project to inspire, and to encourage others to be different, and to stand out as leaders/positive role models in their communities.


As student falcons, we were passionate for involvement, academic success, and leadership. Because being a positive leader means so much to us, we wanted to show appreciation to students who embody the Always Climbing spirit inside and outside of the school environment; and who strive to make everyone’s day better by being a model student. 

This scholarship considers students who have the best representation of school pride, leadership, and involvement within the school & community (sports, theatre, band, student council, community service projects, etc.).


We would like to show appreciation to those who are truly proud to be a Climber.

We hope to award every student in our program with a stipend for school/career starting expenses (If they complete requirements and with proper support). Each award winner will receive a $1,000 stipend to spend however they see fit to make their college experience better. 


Previous Award Recipients

Congrats to all of our former recipients! You will forever be apart of the AC family.

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