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Our Mission

The Always Climbing Project works to inspire all generations to grow and become better versions of themselves through community engagement and self-determination.  We offer unique, unorthodox ways of spreading positivity through various resources and platforms including our Always Climbing Podcast, Motivational Speaking, Community Service projects, and our youth-student-led Future Climbers Program.

Our Vision

Through the power of linking generations, we envision a world where families and communities are strengthened by the bonds between the young and the old. Our goal is to bridge the gap between generations, creating spaces where wisdom, experiences, and new ideas flow freely. We aim to cultivate strong leaders from every age group and background, believing that together, we can foster a culture of growth, learning, and mutual respect. Only then, can true change be made.

Always Climbing Project

Future Climbers Scholarship Drive (Fundraiser)

Always Climbing Project
Future Climbers Scholarship Drive (Fundraiser)